Über uns

We are behind FALOA

Franziska and Mirjam, two sisters with a mission to change the way we see sustainable fashion. We are both driven by high aesthetic standards and the passion for a sustainable, fair and animal-friendly lifestyle.

We spent hours in online researching for the sustainable and ethical fashion labels with a special twist in design and aesthetics.

We were amazed of the carefully designed products we found but frustrated about the amount of time it took to find them. Sometimes we gave up due to lack of time and ordered on conventional platforms but were left unsatisfied with the products. On other times, the ordering process was too complicated or the delivery costs too high. This was frustrating for both, the designers who struggled to meet their customers’ needs, and for us, who were missing a smooth shopping experience.
This is how Faloa was born! We wanted to make it easy to find the most sustainable, stylish and fair fashion labels that use surprising, new and animal-friendly materials. We also wanted to create a platform that gives the designers, who put so much heart and love into their work, an opportunity to show their precious products.

Why we do what we do.

Compassion is the core value of everything we do. This is why we have chosen to follow a lifestyle with a positive impact for the planet, people and the animals. We love our earth with all its inhabitants and therefore it makes us sad to see how much pollution and waste is produced. We are convinced that we have the power and the creativity to change the world for good. This is what drives our actions. Through the way we consume, we have the power to save the world, to allow everyone a humane life and first and foremost to respect animals as wonderful sentient beings.
At the same time, we love aesthetics. For us, to follow an ethical driven lifestyle can be merged perfectly with beauty and design. Everything that is important for us goes into Faloa. It is a project of passion and we are happy that we can share it with you.

Please reach out to us if you want to know more about us and Faloa: info@faloa.com. We are keen to know what you think and to answer all your questions.

Who are we?

Franziska (left) is a trained tailor and IT nerd. After her apprenticeship with one of the most renowned men’s tailors in Switzerland, she decided to change career and to learn something new and different. IT it was! Franziska worked as an IT testing manager and studied Information Science. Franziska is a visionary and has great knowledge about the latest vegan fabric innovations. She has a big heart for animals, especially for bunnies. In her free time, she loves to dance Tango, to do Yoga and to go for a run in the woods.

Mirjam (right) is an art historian, specialized in contemporary art and design. She worked for several years in the art market and in public promotion of the arts. Like her sister, she decided to switch career and became a social entrepreneur. Before starting Faloa, Mirjam built up a startup programme for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.
Mirjam is a news junkie and starts every day with reading the news. Mirjam loves to getting things done fast and, in all the rush, finds calm in meditation. She loves to indulge herself in vegan home-made cakes. (She would love to write here that she loves to do sports too but to be honest, she only goes for a run when her sister urges her to do so ;)


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